Cloth Sample Books
Cold War Artifacts
A.E.F. Officers Armbands
1872-1903 Officers Knots
WW I Enlisted Armbands
A.E.F. 1919 Table Medals
Post 1985 Artillery Insignia
An Introduction to the C.M.T.C.
C.M.T.C. Medals
Early US Air Force Uniforms and Insignia
Artillery Unit Locations and Badge Markings
Manila Provost Guard and Badges, circa 1900-1920
Pre 1872 Wings and Epaulettes
Officers 1936 Blue Uniform Shoulder Loops
Philippine Constabulary
Lance Corporals: Their History & Insignia
Some Post-WW II Shoulder Insignia
U.S. Army Band Insignia & Uniforms
Various Band Insignia & Uniforms
Officers Shoulder Ornamentation, 1902 & Later
The Swing Cap
The Wheeler Medals: Joe, Joe Jr, and Annie
Basic Uniform Regulations
Officers Coat Collar Insignia for States, circa 1900-1906
6th Calvary RCT in Germany
Saddlecloth Insignia