Enlisted Insignia, 1905-1910 for Service Caps
Enlisted Insignia, 1905-1910 for Service Caps
Enlisted Dress Cap Insignia 1905-1917
A Collection of 1903 Officer Collar Insignia
Enlisted Dress Cap Insignia, 1896-1905
Corps of Engineers Insignia of the 20th Century
Chaplin Insignia 1880-1920
General Staff Corps Insignia
Infantry Officer Insignia, 1905-1920s
Enlisted State Collar Insignia, 1916-1919
A Collection of Infantry Office Collar Insignia
Enlisted Collar Insignia 1903-1905
Enlisted Collar Insignia 1905-1910/17
Artillery Insignia from 100+ Years Ago
Enlisted Coast Artillery Disk Insignia
Warrant Officers
A Few Rare Collar Insignia
Field Clerks
Insignia for Aides both state and U.S. Army
899th Tank Destroyer Battalion World War II
Chevrac (horse blanket) Insignia
Pennsylvania Cap Insignia
Engineers in WW I