AAF Technician Badge
AAF Wing Examples
AAF Wings Identification
Air Assault
Army Staff Identification
Career Counselor
Combat Action
Combat Infantry
Combat Medical
Department of Defense
Drill Sergeant
Drivers and Mechanics
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Specialist and Supervisor
Expert Infantry
Expert Medical
Health & Human Services
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Master
Medical Recruiter
Free Fall Parachutist
National Guard Recruiting, 1971-1997
Parachute Rigger
Parachutist, Basic
Parachutist, Senior & Master
Reserve Recruiting
Scuba Diver
Special Operations Diver
Divers (Engineers)
Tomb of the Unknowns
Special Forces Tab
Sapper Tab
Ranger Tab
White House Service
Presidential Service